IronPack™ cases

IronPack™ is the newest metal cases and may be competitive against SteelBook™ counterpart after they copied SteelBook's designed. IronPack™ is similar to SteelBook minus the inner spine plasticholder & trademark logo. MetalPak, IronPack & SteelBook's cover and size looks exactly the same, but it lays flat and is made out of iron. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince & Terminator Salvation are the first 2 Blu-ray titles to released in IronPack™ cases in Future Shop, Canada. Let them give them a chance to feel and see what happen if that turn out to be the next SteelBook™ or not. Warner decided to switch to IronPack™ due to budget and FutureShop may get sued by SteelBook™ company for selling fake steelbook to customer. If that turns out to be a loss rather than success then we have learned that we want a real SteelBook™ cases because we're willing to pay premium price for the collector.