Group Buy Program

Hello Fellow Collectors and Valued Customers,


Welcome to my Group Buy Program! You are welcome to visit my site at any time. Its free to join, you must pre-order early as possible and send payment on time before deadline. If you're interested, just follow the step in order to take a advantage prior to group buy.

What is Group Buy?

Group Buy is the group of buyer wanting to buy stuff from overseas in single order, package shipped to middle-men, then distributes to all buyers from the Group Buy List.

Why do we use Group Buy?

We use Group buy for several reasons because it help us saves money on shipping, better service and packaging.


  • Shipping - International Shipping costs very high and some have flat rates, no matter how many we buy in single order. If the shipping is high, then we must use group buy in order to break down shipping from the number of group buyer to pay about 60%-80% off.


  • Service - Middle-men can handle of all these types of service that other vendors lack thereof. Vendor is a big company that most customer service are busy during 24/7. Lot of people complains without service but sometime they do get service, depending on who you deal with. Again, as a middle-men, there are only 1 person willing to help buyer within an hour or less, while the middle-men has to deal with the vendor.


  • Packaging- Some International Vendors ships in a cardboard envelope or box without protection due to poor packaging. Middle-men requires inspection for any ding, dent or scratches before shipping out to buyer. They have all the shipping material need to protects our media steelbook while vendors don't have specific material for that matter. They only uses plain cardboard box, envelope, and cheap air-soft bag. We use high quality shipping material, such as bubble wrap, bubble bag, peanut foam, cardboard box, bubble mailer, pre-caution sticker and more. If you order from any vendor, your package might get damages, holes, road rash, and even water leak. Sometime, it leaves out open then your post office has to resealed it. Overall, e pack and ship very careful, unlike any other vendors throwing stuff like garbage.

How do I joined?

If you're interested, just subscribe to my mailing list. Email me with your name and titles you like to add, then give you a password to access the Group Buy List. We will update every once a week, depending on the release date. So don't miss out the hottest media steelbook. Save your money and be part of the Group Buy Community.

What's the catch?

Have you thought about saving money but don't like high shipping from overseas. Buying import stuff like movies & video games from a group buy is easy. All you have to do is subscribe to my mailing list, choose which title you like then paid off. Wait for the package to arrive your door. Almost 99% got their package in perfect condition, compare to 40%-60% from other international vendors with bad condition.

Are you tired of getting bad packaging, no call/email response, poor customer service, expensive return shipping, or restocking fees. Well, middle-men can handle all of these type of service. You don't have to deal with it. Just sit, relax and wait for your item exchanged or credit refund in no time.

What are you waiting for? Just come and join our Group Buy Program. Its free! No monthly fees & no string attached!

Cancel/Changes/Refund Policy

If you need to cancel, make changes or refund, then please contact me as soon as possible. No cancellation, changes or refund given after the order is made or processed. I held no responsibility, if you paid late or missed the deadline. Use your own risk. If you're not sure what you're doing, then don't use this program.