About Me

I used to be a hardcore video gamer before turning to steelbook collector and seller. Anyway, here the story About Me.


At first, I was searching for job while going to College. Then I heard about the High Definition called, Blu-ray Disc as the next DVD Generation; because the Playstation 3 system came with a new Blu-ray Disc drive.


During my college-year, I have no idea what the heck is Blu-ray or BD. So I stumbled upon a forum site called Blu-Ray.com Then I signed up there as a newest member to starts learning and reading about it. After all these year, I stopped playing video game because of this new experience in high definition. 


Secondly, while I'm on the forum, I also heard about SteelBook. Some guy were asking where to buy the I Am Legend Blu-ray on SteelBook. I was like, what the heck is SteelBook? Is it a book or carrying case? Well, SteelBook is a media case wrapped in metal. So he explained to me why is SteelBook look better than Plastic Case? So I started collecting & hunting them because it look so cool and unique like never seen before. So here I am, buying, trading & selling steelbook are one of my favorite part-time job.


-Kirk Go

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