Added: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 2 (Best Buy exclusive) Blu-ray SteelBook™

Best Buy announced the upcoming Warner Home Video title, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 2 Blu-ray SteelBook™ is scheduled for September 22, 2009. The price is currently at $59.99 and hopefull the price will drop when it get closer to release date. The first season doesn't come in a SteelBook packaging and many collector are going to pass this one because of incomplete series. But a true collector must own this as a completist. does not ship to overseas, so you have to join the group buy under me because I'm in a US and I have 3-4 Best Buy in 10 miles range. The closest one is Burbank #137. If you're interested then please join the group buy and I'll you in the list.

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