Transporter 3 (Australia) SteelBook™ & Terminator 2 (Australia) Steel Tin™ OOP

Terminator 2 Steel Tin™ & Transporter 3 SteelBook™ appeared to be out-of-stock and discontinued from most Australia online retailers.


Members from the Forum were very disappointed about Transporter 3 SteelBook™ being discountinued and this will no longer able to supply again. That being said, one of the customer's order was rejected from EzyDVD because it won't allow to "group my items" rather than "ship it now."


In this case, the owner of the site gave them apologized for not keeping their order while the item was out-of-stock. I believe it against the rules and hurts our loyal customer with emtpy steelbook on their hand. Next time, when making purchase at EzyDVD, make sure to select "ship it now" rather than "group my items" otherwise, you'll end up with a sorry message.


For the Terminator 2 Steel Tin™, we don't remember how it went out-of-stock. We do know that it releases on May 28th but nobody knows that it exist on Steel Tin. I've been trying to hunt these all over the site but no luck.


The only place I can get these is from another country, New Zealand, is like a sister of Australia. I'd found 2 sites that has Terminator 2 Steel Tin aka Metallic Metal Slipcover in stock. Before I place my order, I must contact the site to make sure that this item are available and ready to ship.

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