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Over 100  Blu-ray SteelBooks released every year
Over 100 Blu-ray SteelBooks released every year

BluraySteelBooKollector Shop is a new shopping experience for buyer, collector, and seller to collect media steelbook from all around the world. None of the other online shop have all of these steelbook on Blu-ray, such as Amazon.com, Best Buy, FYE and Walmart. 


BluraySteelbooKollector Shop is the only place that sell various media steelbook from all around the world. Whether if is exclusive or non-exclusive, then your in the right place that none of the other shop haves. Media News will be updates once in a while from what we know that might be the next media steelbook.

What is SteelBook?

SteelBook™ is the newest metal cases after 2 Scanavian designers come up with the idea of creating/developing Artwork (Inside/Outside) + Outer Metal case + Inner Plastic case makes a perfect combination for Movie & Video Game Collector.


SteelBook™ is one of the best metal cases out there.  Lot of people start collecting this because of it size and spine are so unique that none of the other 2 cases can't make. SteelBook™ is still available today at any participating store retailers or online vendors. Make sure this is the right cases with the word SteelBook™ when shopping at online.

Can't find what your looking for?

Solution. Stop right here, you're in the right place. This is the site, where you can find out-of-prints & rare valuable items, such as Iron Man, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, Scott Pilgrim and others. However, I still have quite a few lying around in my stock area, but I can't guaranteed to find them for you if is discontinued or out-of-stock.


In the meantime, I will adds UPC, Region Code and Specification for each steelbook in my database that are currently out and coming soon, so you know where to find them right in a heartbeat. Basically, I typed UPC # to find the right steelbook. Because it tells you everything instead of guessing what region is it. Many people ask me if those title are the same or not. Because what happen was there are similar versions of Terminator 2 with different region code but the artwork are the same. You see, there are 5 versions of Terminator 2 but don't know which one is it. Your best bet is to use search-engine web based, type the UPC # and find that matched the UPC. If you can't find what your looking for just contact me so I can help you.

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